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- Swami Vivekanand

About Ludhiana Welfare Organisation

There is no denying the fact that corruption is the biggest problem, which our country faces today. Corruption is prevalent everywhere because of lax administration & judicial process. It is our right and inalienable right has been conferred on citizens. RTI Act will empower common people. The legislative intent is clear, we are entitled to know how our money is spent but onus is on us to make the act work.

The user of RTI Act applicant states that a part of information has been supplied by PIO is incomplete however it is neither attested nor is it legible. Moreover the information is deficient. The complainant once again highlights the detriment being suffered by him due to the delay in supplying information. He alleges that the delay is intentional. To achieve your dream success to get information from bureaucrats you has to make sacrifice. You cannot expect for a change to happen overnight. The process of change is slow and gradual. It is a work in progress all the time. It happens through legislation. It happens through social transformation, attitude change and mindset change. So it is work in progress all the time.

Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it but when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it even if I did not have it in the beginning. You have to experience to tackle corrupted govt. employee to get the work done from them. Discuss about the problems we are facing in implementation and interpretation of the act.

It is notable that the talk of our country its global linkage is simply rubbish. India is poor country and has just 1% share in world trade. Govt. policies are total failure poor is becoming poorer while riches are becoming richer because they have the blessing of our elected representatives. Let us get alert and keep others alerted. The main cause for all the ills of the country is the present democratic system of governance, which allows corruption of all forms to thrive unchecked. People have to ready to change the present system but hungry politicians are not giving them the opportunity so poverty is also being created to exploit the people.

Time has come any govt. servant who will not put down his opinion must be sent home. It is a criminal offence to mislead the public. RTI Act is termed as a pro-people Act the legislation was aimed at making the bureaucracy more transparent and accountable. Our initiative works towards enabling people to assert their right through a strong consumer movement. RTI application demanding comprehensive information we often have to pay bribes in our interaction with govt. department. Every department is deep involved in corruption and entire system has become corrupted. Now we have a right to question the govt. inspect their files, work, take copy of govt. documents and make them answerable for every question.

RTI as a last resort to get the problems solved
Every body must devote their time to know this RTI Act. People are ignorant about it because they have not been told so by their respective govt. The govt. is shirking away from its responsibility. It is doubtful whether any good result will come out of yours efforts. People ridicule India’s reputation as one of the most corrupt nations in the world let us hope that the tide will turn. Things might get delayed out but they can be achieved.

Corruption has become so institutionalized and rampant that we think nothing could be done in govt. department without bribe. RTI Act is outcome of people’s desire and government’s reciprocation. Citizens have just started using RTI Act and begun to understand the immense empowerment, which will convert India into a true participatory democracy.

To make the people aware of their rights and its usages
RTI Act has to be implemented in the right spirit but add that people have to learn how to exercise their right effectively. Are the roads out side your house terrible and un-hygiene RTI will help you solve this problem. In our country where more than 60%of population is poor and live in villages thousand of people die in each day because of improper health care & malnutrition, roads are not available to all and where available are full of serial potholes, drinking water is not available to all if water supply is available it contains disease. Now question arises that where expenditure of crores of rupees from taxes goes?

RTI Act simply brings truth in public domain. It would force the system to start maintaining records properly now also the officials would face a penalty under the act. RTI Act section 6 (2) clearly says an applicant cannot question why he was asking for any information. In any case RTI flows from the fact that people pay taxes and this money belongs to the them and therefore, they have a right to know how their money were being spent and how they were being governed. RTI must be fully functional in every city, township and villages across the country without exception when people will learn about it then RTI can work wonders on improving the state of roads, garbage, clearance, street lights in your areas.

It has been seen that the state commissioner work as a agents of the government and instead of extending their protection to the people they are favor the guilty officials and protect them. This soft approach encourages PIO’S to evade the law. To be able to take action, we first need to know what is happening in our cities and its environment and the RTI Act can empower to public to do so. We are encouraging public to file application under RTI Act to know the status of and expenses incurred on govt. projects.

RTI act is demand-driven in itself. People will not get information unless they ask for it we intend to inform people about their rights. Conduct workshops, seminar to promote greater use of the RTI Act Take special focus on sections such as section 4 on proactive self-disclosure. There are two challenges lying in the path of proper execution of the RTI Act. Implemented in the country. The first obstacle is lack of knowledge about the act while the second is the negative attitude of people seeking and providing information. The people of India were still not aware of benefits of the RTI Act. This act is weapon against corruption. But people are yet to know about its power and limitations. The masses are yet to correctly interpret the act. After the implementation of the RTI Act the corruption level in the country has reduced by 20 %. If some more efforts are put in, corruption will be completely eradicated.

We want to make RTI more accessible and effective for the people to seek information. To launch the campaign for creating awareness among citizens about how to use RTI Act as a tool to counter corruption. The real change would come when the people start demanding accountability and the govt. is to force to respond. Then it would not be easy for govt. to go astray.. To create awareness as well as help the people get their job done without paying anything. It will bring required transparency in the working of the govt. department. RTI is a movement of committed individuals working towards making our govt. and society more transparent and accountable. It is the time we the citizens of India do our bit to uproot corruption.